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One very important aspect of the vehicle handling behaviour is how it reacts to dynamic inputs from the driver. While much has been done in the analytical realm to describe the vehicle steady state handling properties, the transient and dynamic behaviour of the vehicle have been studied mostly through multibody software packages, as the analytical solution is usually more difficult to be achieved. Taking into consideration that the analytical approach provides the engineer a deeper understanding of the underlying physical phenomena being studied, bringing more simplicity to the overall solution at the same time, this paper proposes an analytical solution for the vehicle lateral acceleration response to periodic excitation at the steering wheel. In the sequence, a comparison of the results between this analytical model and a detailed multibody model is performed, showing that the proposed analytical model is capable of reproducing the more detailed multibody model with good accuracy.

Autores: Daniel Vilela e Roberto Spinola Barbosa.

Titulo: Analytical Solution Proposal to Vehicle Dynamic Handling Properties. Artigo publicado no International Journal of Vehicle Systems Modelling and Testing, Vol. 6, nº. 1, 2011.

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