Sistema Monotrilho

A mathematical model of a straddle type monorail vehicle has been developed in order to study its stability and the effect of tire modeling techniques on its dynamic response. An algorithm was developed to build equations of motion using multi-body systems method, considering deviations of the guideway as forced inputs. Tire models consider both radial and lateral forces. Four methods to calculate lateral forces were implemented and results were compared. One of the four vehicle models is linear and parameterized with the longitudinal velocity, enabling the stability analysis based on eigenvalues locus. The modal damping decreases with the increase of longitudinal velocity, asymptotically approaching to a stable system. Results show that the variation of tire lateral stiffness can be an important effect to consider in the monorail numerical modeling, increasing the accuracy to predict tire lateral forces and consequently tire durability evaluation. 14

Autor: Gabriel Pedro Ramos Maciel. Artigo aplicado em revista internacional em 2014.